Havana Nights

Just got back from three weeks of backpacking around Cuba and after 80% humidity and 34 degrees celsius each and every one of those days, I’m pretty happy to be back in my beloved Barcy. It’s hot as hell here now as well, Europe’s experiencing a major heatwave at the moment, but man it does not compare to the drenched, sweaty mess I was in Cuba. Yay for perspective changes.

I spent the first couple days by myself, speaking in Spanish 100% of the time, chatting away with bartenders and workers at the casa particular, then met a great group of folks from Germany and Finland a few days in that I traveled with on and off the rest of the time. Cuba is a beautiful country with very kind people but it was reminiscent of countries I’d visited in South America. What really stood out to me though was Havana… a place humming with a palpable energy that excited me. My first day off the plane being dropped off in the midst of a city that appears to be structurally falling apart and with hundreds of eyes on me and my bigass backpack, I thought “What the hell did I just sign up for three weeks of?” I only had 5 CUC (about 5 euros) because the machines to exchange money at the airport were broken (didn’t wanna use them anyways, just to exchange a bit since it was Sunday and I knew exchange offices and banks would be closed) and American cards don’t work, as well as European debit cards. . . so my meals on day one consisted of saltine crackers and 1.5 liters of water. Day two was when everything changed. . . got money, internet cards, food, and settled in and adapted to the lifestyle of everyone hanging out and people watching in the streets. After traveling around the island for a couple weeks, I was very happy to be welcomed back by Havana and its amazing sunsets.

Got a couple more rolls in the lab so more to come soon.

Italia Revisited

In May of 2018 I booked a last minute ticket to Bologna for a long weekend getaway from Barcelona. I tried couchsurfing for the first time and ended up having an unbeatable first experience with it. I stayed with two Israeli guys and an Italian/Indian guy who lived in the heart of Bologna and took me to all the best places to stuff my face with bolognese and gelato… my mouth is watering just thinking about it. I made it away to Florence as well and did some exploring on my own, but those nights staying up late talking, laughing, and cooking with these guys, exchanging music, listening to mind-blowing stories… those are the memories that I’ll take with me. Thanks a lot to these new brothers.

Italy, Montenegro, Bosnia

Three weeks traveling around these incredible places swimming, rafting, hiking, and eating everything in sight.


Traveled through Peru during April and May and hit spots like Lima, Cusco, Paracas, Pisac, and Huaraz. My time working in a beach hostel as a bartender and frolicking through the Andes was probably one of the most magical spans of time in my life. 
Things I learned: 
How to make a delicious Pisco Sour
Elevation is a bitch
That getting to reunite with old travel buddies is the best
Not to drink the water in Peru, even if it's "filtered"
The beer here sucks
The ceviche, however, is out of this damn world
Lima is dubbed the food capital of the world for a reason
Eating the fried potato mush from a vendor on the street is always a good choice
That "Sexual Healing" by Hot 8 Brass Band is the best song to close a bar to
San Pedro is no joke
Seeing Machu Picchu isn't negotiable


Three months of learning Spanish, dancing Salsa, singing Despacito, eating Crepes & Waffles, making friends with the amazing people of Envigado (and the rest of the world), singing the Prince of Egypt soundtrack on the terrace of Colombia Immersion, lots of empanadas, exploring the desert, working at a brewery, inhaling a shitload of pasta, great moments on the rooftop of Buga, talks and laughs, watching 50 Shades of Grey with buddies because it's clearly a group activity, drinking aguardiente at Mauro's dad's tienda, climbing through waterfalls, and the list goes on.