Traveled through Peru during April and May and hit spots like Lima, Cusco, Paracas, Pisac, and Huaraz. My time working in a beach hostel as a bartender and frolicking through the Andes was probably one of the most magical spans of time in my life. 
Things I learned: 
How to make a delicious Pisco Sour
Elevation is a bitch
That getting to reunite with old travel buddies is the best
Not to drink the water in Peru, even if it's "filtered"
The beer here sucks
The ceviche, however, is out of this damn world
Lima is dubbed the food capital of the world for a reason
Eating the fried potato mush from a vendor on the street is always a good choice
That "Sexual Healing" by Hot 8 Brass Band is the best song to close a bar to
San Pedro is no joke
Seeing Machu Picchu isn't negotiable