I am a traveling photographer...

And I flipping love my job.
I specialize in portraiture in both film and digital format.
My ultimate passion is coordinating shoots in incredible places with awesome people;
talk about amazing!
When I'm not snapping away, you can bet I'm trudging through the mountains,
stuffing my face with Mexican food, enjoying a sour IPA, or looking for any and every opportunity to travel.
I am always searching for the next chance to
immerse myself in different cultures and meet new friends.

What I do…

I shoot muses and moments.
I'm all about capturing the unique way each couple, family, or close group of friends interacts with each other;
you share an exclusive language with those you love the most and I love portraying that in
artistic and genuine photographs.
I’m also passionate about revamping brands,
collaborating on edgy look books, or helping your modeling portfolio stand out.
Whatever pops into your head,
give me a shout and we’ll make it happen!

Photo: Matias Ndong

Photo: Matias Ndong


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