Finding Yourself


Finding Yourself

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“I supposed ‘finding yourself’ is about…
…wandering, not settling, not burying your hurts in distraction, but digging deeper, visiting a deeper realm of understanding, then finding that from this understanding, you cannot be easily pleased or distracted by any of the things that used to please and distract you. And you experience true joy. And after you experience true joy, you find this other shit to be insufficient. You feel swept up in a warm current of joy, always there, that you’ve never felt before. You don’t want to go back, no way, you want to see what else there is because you can’t get enough of this feeling.
’Show me more!’
It’s delicious and life changing, a whole other world.”

Photo and words by Francesca McConnell.
Signed giclee print.
Printed in Spain.
Shipped internationally.

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